Accurus Research Systems Relocating to Charlotte, NC

Burlington, NC, January 5, 2018 – Douglas Cox, founder and president of Accurus Research Systems, a firm that helps businesses improve organizational performance, announced today that the company will move its operation to Charlotte, North Carolina.

Accurus Research Systems was founded in 1988 in Burlington, North Carolina as a full-service opinion research company.  Over the years, according to Cox, the company’s focus in the areas of employee engagement and customer satisfaction survey research led to a natural extension of services to include quality and process improvement.  For more than two decades Cox has worked with organizations to help them better understand the attitudes, behaviors and requirements of employees and customers and then turn that information into actionable improvements in organizational processes to enhance performance.

In relocating to Charlotte, Cox said, “The city’s vibrancy, the diversity of its markets, its position as a nationally recognized leader in commerce, and its cultural and entertainment opportunities convinced me that Charlotte is a great place to do business.”  He anticipates the transition will be completed by summer 2018.

For further information, contact Douglas Cox at (704) 619-7101, at, or through the company’s web site –

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