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shutterstock_173828684For the past year or so, I have been working to reposition my company, Accurus Research Systems.  I felt after 29 years the need to change things up a little, do some things a bit differently, and to enjoy the journey even more.  It involves reaching out to a somewhat different type of client which, I will admit, is both exciting and daunting.  Several months ago I came across the following piece written by Mike Farag, founder of the marketing firm Fervor, and a man inspired by those who inspire.  His piece struck a nerve as I read it.  Whether it’s repositioning a company, advocating for a cause, or raising money for the PTA, we tend to get it wrong by thinking too big.  Nothing wrong with having big dreams, but there is something huge to be said about thinking small.  Small is BIG!

I hope as you read Mike’s piece that, not only will you take away something valuable from it, but that it will inspire you to like Accurus Research Systems on Facebook, invite your friends to like us as well, and to check in regularly to visit Accurus Research on the web at  Believe in the power of 100 people!!!

The Power of 100 People

It’s true: you really don’t need 10,000 or 1 million people to start. You just need 100. 100 passionate followers. In fact, you could start with 10, running for the first 100.  Think about it, you know 100 people. Combine your family with your friends, colleagues and your personal network.  Real friends mind you, not the 1300 people you may or may not really know that you call Facebook friends.  If you were passionate about starting something it only takes 100 people to get something worthwhile rolling.

Jon Acuff talks about it in his book Start:

I told 100 friends about the site and started writing goofy paragraphs. On the eighth day of existence, 4,000 people from around the world showed up to read it. Turns out the 100 friends had passed the URL to 100 friends who had passed the URL to 100 friends who eventually told people in Singapore to read it.” (It’s now read by 4.5 million people. Just saying.)

Seth Godin on his blog and in several of his books wrote:

I think the ability to find and organize 1,000 people is a breakthrough opportunity. One thousand people coordinating their actions is enough to change your world (and make a living).

I’ve seen it first hand with many organizations (churches, start-ups, businesses).  So many times they forget about the first 100 in lieu of the thousands of millions they want to serve.  You know, the BIG numbers. Oops. When it doesn’t work, they wonder what went wrong.  They missed the first 100 and sold out for something too hard to attain.

There is power in passionate advocates; businesses and movements are built on it.  Even Jesus started with 12. Arguably, He has a lot more followers than that today. Worked for Him, I am betting it will work for the rest of us.

I appreciate your taking the time to read this.  I’ll finish by making a final shameless plug to also follow me on Twitter (@accurusresearch) and connect with me on LinkedIn .

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